Your Financial FREEDOM is Simply One Number Away

The One Number Solution™ is designed to give you a single dollar figure - Financial success is about keeping that single figure in the black over 7 days.

  • Learn how you can break through the confusing traditional budgeting model and find your One Number Solution™

  • Learn to set - and keep - financial goals that work!

  • Learn strategies for living the life of FREEDOM you deserve

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Cheryl Oake

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

"With the One Number Solution, Wendy was able to help us "find" the money that was there all along . . . we just couldn't see it! We made a few simple changes and it has made a world of difference. I do not feel like I have made any sacrifices . . . I do not feel restricted or deprived. I actually now feel empowered, confident and secure. We still have work to do, but our future is bright and I am excited!"

Michelle B

El Cajon, California

"As a self employed head of household having control over my household budget is critical to my sanity. Now with the One Number Solution I don't stress about where my next dollar will come from. I'm planning ahead and my future isn't such an unknown anymore.

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